Your guide to maxing out your time and profit in the matrix. Follow the steps below

Matrix v1 

Minimum Profit: $109

Average Profit: $190

Completion Time: 2.5 Hours

Level 1 - Easy Work

As a rookie to the matrix you need to do some simple tasks get started. Every user starts here and it is an important step in completing the matrix! Your first task is to earn $5 Paypal 

Level Profit: $35

Completion Time: 55 Minutes

This step requires zero money. Utilize it to fund the other steps

Level 2 - Silver Mining

The OFC team has discovered an easy way to get silver for free. This is the easiest and quickest step in the Matrix

Level Profit: $40

Completion Time: 5 Minutes

Level 3 - Survey Hound

High paying surveys that pay out cash

Level Profit: $9

Completion Time: 60 Minutes

Level 4 - Real Income

The highest paying websites for online work. Tasks range from simple to complex. Some require application.

Level Profit: Variable

Completion Time: Variable

Level 5 - Investor

Get paid to invest your money. Get access to the tools you will need to grow your money outside the matrix

Level Profit: $25 - $325

Completion Time: 20 Minutes

Level 6 - Optimization

Post all of your referral links from the offers above. Use credit from link below to optimize your links and start earning passive income from other users

Level Profit: Variable

Completion Time: 10 Minutes