All of these tasks have awesome sign up bonuses that you can take advantage of. On top of that risk free staking is available to compound your money.

Task 1

Sign up for Coinbase - $10

- Sign up requires identity verification

- Once you are signed up buy $100 in BTC

- You will then receive $10 in BTC. 

- You can sell and cash out or HOLD

Total Profit: $10

Task 2

Sign up for BlockFI - $10

Same steps as Task 1

Total Profit: $20

Task 3

Sign up for Robinhood - $5 - $300

- Sign up and then link your payment system (bank account, etc)

- Once your account is linked you will be granted 1 free stock

- You can then sell you stock and cash out or HOLD

Total Profit: $25 - $320