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Check in daily to read about crypto projects nobody else is talking about. Our team finds low cap coins that have massive profit potential. Due to the liquidity of these coins they carry significant risk. Use this blog as a source to find new projects, but always do your own research. 


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LinkBased (LBD) - 12/15/20

Good ICO to Invest in?

Total Supply: 777,777

Public: 250,087

Initial Liquidity: 120,000

Private: 90,000

Team: 42,000



 - Large private sale: 136 ETH - Sold in 5 Minutes              

- Team is anonymous

 - No audit


Tokenomics are similar to something like AmpleForth (elastic supply)


Price is pegged to the market cap of Chainlink:

 - Fully Diluted Market Cap * 0.1^10

 - 5,067,473 *.1^10

Pegged Price (12/15) = $0.5067

No much information is available right now on LinkedBased. This post will be updated.

Benchmark Protocol - 12/10/20

Top Cryptocurrency to Invest in - December 2020

After staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day trading and researching cryptocurrencies your mind starts to get a little bit fuzzy. However, sometimes it pays off BIG. I found what I think is one of the best investment opportunities of the year.

Ticker: MARK

Market Cap: 1.2 Million

Total Supply: Elastic

Current Price: $0.28

What is Benchmark Protocol?

"Benchmark Protocol is a Supply Elastic Collateral and Hedging Device, Driven by the Volatility Index." 

Benchmark protocol will have two tokens; MARK and SMARK. As of now only MARK is available. SMARK will be released at a later date and it is a more stable version of MARK. If you are looking for increase in your investment value than MARK is the coin you will want to buy. MARK works similar to Ampleforth. It is a supply elastic non dilutive ecosystem. The price of MARK is correlated with the VIX and SDR (special drawing rights). The supply will be augmented by the SDR. 

What does this do?

Augmenting the supply to the SDR and correlating liquidity to VIX allows investors to hedge against market volatility by holding MARK. An issue posed to almost all cryptocurrencies is their correlation with Bitcoin. MARK is designed to be a completely uncorrelated asset. 

If supply is elastic won't my investment lose value?

No. Mark is a non dilutive asset. Meaning you will never lose the equity share of your investment. In other words the supply does not matter. All that matters is the total market cap. For example if you invested $12,000 dollars today at the current market cap you would own 1% of the supply (forever).  

Why is MARK such a good investment?


Benchmark token was created by one of the best teams I have seen in crypto. The inventor is currently a vice president at Citi Group. I encourage you to check out their LinkedIn's

Token Launch

Try and find people talking about MARK. You wont find much. No presale or private sale. MARK is undergoing a fair launch where early adopters can get in fairly. Team tokens are locked for around a year to my knowledge. The team intentionally has done zero marketing in the fair launch phase to allow early adopters to get their equity share before real money starts pumping in. On top of that you can provide liquidity and earn around 1000% APY for certain pairs.

MARK price prediction

This is a long term hold. My conservative prediction is market cap >100 million in less than a year (That would be a ~100x investment!). 

How can you trade MARK?

Mark is currently only available on decentralized exchanges such as Uni Swap